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Become the 3D Avatar of your dreams.

Just select the character and scene that appeal to you, upload two photos and order your print or tee shirt. It’s that Simple. So If you are ready let’s…

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Welcome to the Avatar Studio!
Welcome to the Avatar Studio at AvatarStudio.com!  We invite you on a journey of fantasy, mystery and imagination.  Have you ever wanted to become St. George, slaying the mighty dragon?  Or see your child as Jack sneaking away from the Giant with his prized hen?  We offer you many scenes in which to imagine yourself or your child.  All you have to do is upload two photos of yourself or your child and then place an order for either a shirt or a framed print. Upon receipt of your order we will carefully craft your 3D likeness, place you in the scene you have chosen, place the image on your selected media (shirt or print) and send you the result. It’s that easy!  Finally if you don’t want to place yourself in a scene but love one of our stock images just place an order for the stock image and we will do the rest.


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